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TB-350 Fully automatic brush type PCBA single-side cleaning machine

Large screen touch panel, simple key design
Unique infrared hot air drying system, high efficiency and low power consumption
Unique combination of rolling brush and flat brush, XY two-way brushing
Three stainless steel reservoirs for greater process flexibility
Stainless Steel Filtration System Plus Pressure Sensing Combination
High pressure fan, perfectly compatible with dual functions of wind cutting and drying
Unique gear box transmission design, smoother operation and higher precision
Conductivity monitoring system, real-time monitoring of liquid replacement timing
The roller brush is easy to disassemble and assemble, and it can be quickly disassembled by removing one screw


1. Overview of TB-350 Fully Automatic Touch Brush Type PCBA Single-Side Cleaning Machine The 
equipment uses the online transmission technology and the touch brush method to clean the flux residue on the wave soldering surface of the PCBA, rinse with DI water, and dry it with hot air. The cleaning process has high cleaning cleanliness, which perfectly replaces manual labor and greatly improves cleaning efficiency. 



  • The equipment is specially designed for flux removal after wave soldering, replacing manual brushing, improving cleaning productivity and cleanliness, and reducing cleaning costs;
  • The equipment perfectly combines PCBA online transmission, efficient brushing, and water-based cleaning technologies;
  • A revolutionary change has been made to the traditional solvent-based manual cleaning method, the introduction of a safe and environmentally friendly water-based cleaning solution, and a fully automatic cleaning mode, which avoids the operator's intimate contact with chemical liquids;
  • After multiple processes of brushing, rinsing and drying, the flux residue on the PCBA after soldering can be removed efficiently without wetting the front components;
  • The unique combination of roller brush and flat brush cleans from both directions of X and Y, which completely eliminates the dead angle of cleaning and fully guarantees the cleanliness of cleaning. Even the most stubborn hand solder joint residues can be completely removed in one go;
  • The track width can be adjusted steplessly, which can adapt to PCBA of different widths;
  • The transportation speed and brushing frequency are steplessly adjustable, and the cleaning process can be easily controlled;
  • Filter system pressure monitoring and liquid conductivity real-time monitoring, providing intuitive and quantitative filter element and liquid replacement timing;
  • Visual observation window, the process flow is clear at a glance;
  • After connecting to wave soldering, it can realize fully automatic online cleaning.


Main functional systems and parameters of the product:
1. Overall overview of the equipment: The
equipment is mainly composed of rail transmission system, brush cleaning system, circulating filter system, high pressure wind cutting system, infrared drying system and electrical control system. Each part is designed as an independent module, which has the characteristics of simple operation and convenient maintenance;
this equipment is a cleaning machine specially designed for the removal of flux after wave soldering, and adopts the online automatic brushing method;
the track width is infinitely adjustable , Loaded PCB board width: 20 ~ 350mm; After connecting to wave soldering, it can realize automatic online cleaning;
Transmission speed: 0.5 ~ 1.5m/min can realize stepless speed change; Loadable
PCB board thickness: 2 ~ 5mm.


2 Body:
Dimensions: 2900mm (L) × 1250mm (W) × 1150mm (H) (with upper and lower connections)
Operation surface height: 750mm
Material: SUS304 stainless steel + special aluminum profile Rack
total weight: about 450Kg
Body structure description : The whole machine is a closed structure, and the frame is formed of special aluminum profiles; the outer sealing plate and the upper cover are made of SUS304 stainless steel; the cleaning tank is made of SUS316 stainless steel; A movable door is reserved in front of the machine body, which is convenient for equipment maintenance.


3 Brushing station:
Cleaning medium: water-based environmental cleaning agent
Brush wire material: special nylon wire (anti-static)
Liquid storage tank volume: 40L
Heating power: 4KW
Heating temperature: room temperature ~ 80 ℃ (adjustable)
Filtration accuracy: 5- 10μm
brushing station description: The brush with liquid reciprocates in contact with the board surface, driving the cleaning liquid to brush the surface of the PCBA bottom plate, dissolving and brushing away the surface dirt, and the dirt is completely filtered by the filter system along with the cleaning solution. Liquid can be recycled.


Main technical specifications and parameters
Total equipment power < 21KW
Input voltage 380V AC, 50Hz
Overall equipment dimensions 2900mm (L) × 1250mm (W) × 1150mm (H)
Operating surface height is about 750mm
The total weight of the equipment is about 450kg






TB-350SM Automatic Touch Brush PCBA Single Side Cleaning Machine

TB-350 Fully automatic brush type PCBA single-side cleaning machine

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