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TB-350SM Automatic Touch Brush PCBA Single Side Cleaning Machine

Main technical specifications and parameters
Total equipment power: <1.5KW
Input voltage: 220V AC, 50Hz
Dimensions: 2100mm (L) × 1200mm (W) × 1150mm (H) (if no lower connection is attached, the length will become 1800)
Total weight of equipment: about 200Kg


Product introduction

1. Overview of TB-350SM automatic touch-brush type PCBA single-side cleaning 
machine , High cleaning cleanliness, good equipment safety, can perfectly replace manual labor, and greatly improve cleaning efficiency. 


Equipment features:
This equipment is specially designed for flux removal after wave soldering, replacing manual brushing and reducing cleaning costs;
after multiple brushing processes, it can efficiently remove the flux residue on the PCBA after soldering without wetting the front components; the
equipment is the largest The PCBA with a width of up to 350mm can be cleaned; the
equipment adopts humanized design, and the roller brush is easy to disassemble and assemble, which can realize quick cleaning and replacement;
the track width can be adjusted, the transportation speed and the brushing frequency can be adjusted;
it can be connected to the wave soldering, realize Fully automatic online cleaning.


2. Technical specifications of TB-350SM automatic brush type PCBA single-sided cleaning machine 

Overall Structural Properties

1) The equipment mainly includes loading and unloading mechanism, transmission mechanism, brush cleaning, brush rinsing, circulating filter system, electrical control system, etc. Each part is designed as an independent function module, which is characterized by simple operation and convenient maintenance;
2) The PCB board transmission mechanism runs smoothly and reliably, and the speed is infinitely adjustable, ensuring complete coordination with the production line; Multi-directional scrubbing of the PCB board to ensure that there is no dead angle for cleaning; it is especially suitable for cleaning the bottom surface of the PCB after welding without wetting the front components; it is also suitable for cleaning board parts; 
3) The bristles of the brush are made of anti-static materials, which have a certain toughness degree, wear resistance. The height of the brush can be fine-tuned up and down, and it can be adjusted manually to prolong the service life of the brush and save the cost of consumables; 
4) The upper part of the exhaust system equipment is equipped with an exhaust port to discharge the volatilized waste gas in the equipment and reduce the odor in the cleaning room.


Main structure, function and working principle

1) Brush cleaning station:
There are 2 groups of 4 brushes in the brushing tank. The lower part of the 2 roller brushes is immersed in the liquid, and the cleaning liquid is brought to the surface of the PCB board by the rotation of the roller brush for brushing. The 2 disk brushes are not immersed in liquid, and the dry brushing mode can brush off the excess liquid. Even the cleaning liquid with a slow volatilization speed can ensure the dryness of the PCBA after cleaning.
Brush groove material: SUS304 stainless steel
Brush shaft material: SUS304 stainless steel
brush wire material: alumina nylon wire (anti-static) Bristle
diameter: 0.25mm Bristle
length: 30mm Brush
height Fine adjustment: 0-20mm

2) Circulating filtration system:
The circulating filtration system makes the cleaning liquid after brushing filter through the filter through the continuous circulation of the liquid between the scrubbing tank and the liquid storage tank to ensure the cleanliness of the cleaning liquid. The separation design of the brush feeding pipeline and the circulating filter pipeline ensures the stability of the feeding water.
Reservoir Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel
Filter Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel
Filter Accuracy: 1~10μm

3) Electrical control system:
The electrical control system is installed in the power supply cabinet and adopts a centralized control method. The power supply cabinet is isolated from the equipment, and the control is independent and convenient, and the safety of the equipment is also guaranteed.






TB-350SM Automatic Touch Brush PCBA Single Side Cleaning Machine

TB-350 Fully automatic brush type PCBA single-side cleaning machine

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