Why choose to use selective wave soldering?


2022-11-15 13:52

Why use selective wave soldering? Of course, there are many advantages to choosing welding. For example, improve the quality and appearance of solder joints; reduce oxidation and so on. But why choose? That is to say, what problems cannot be solved by not choosing to use selective welding? This also tells us. The only reason to use selective soldering is: the quality of the solder joints for through-hole components. It cannot be solved by other devices. This is the core value of selective wave soldering. Xiaohu will explain to you in detail below.


Select welding nozzle

Select welding nozzle

Many people mistakenly believe that selective soldering is a newer and better soldering method than wave soldering, but in practice, this is not the case. In fact, these are two completely different types of welding techniques, and the types of applications they target are very different.

Whereas wave soldering is widely used: an economical and reliable soldering method for soldering boards with only through-hole components, selective soldering is used when a board has a mix of surface-mount components and through-hole components at the same time. Wave soldering is still the fastest and most efficient method for processing through-hole components because it can solder all solder joints on the entire surface of the board at one time in the operation of soldering through-hole components; Used to solder individual leads or a joint or group of solder joints in components with narrow gaps, therefore, selective soldering tends to be quite slow.

There are a number of reasons why there are hybrid boards. While an increasing number of surface mount components are being mounted on circuit boards that are ideal for high-density functionality in smaller and smaller areas, for high-power applications, and those requiring very strong and reliable solder joints For connectors, through-hole devices are still the components of choice. This is also doomed. The significance of selective wave soldering. Why use selective wave soldering? Because it can provide reliable welding quality on the solder joints that are very strong and demanding for welding. So we can expand. High-power components that have absolute requirements on the quality of solder joints, connectors, sensitive components on the board and other production environments are the main battlefields of selective wave soldering.